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The Need to Prevent Theft Invasion with Security System Protection

Being the head of your family, it is your responsibility to keep your family and property safe from any harm. When you return from work, you expect a smiling family and a welcoming home, greeting you! But, there’s a saying that hope or expectation is not a strategy to counter the increasing rates of burglary and home invasion.

As per the Australian PD, there have been 8,975,438 crimes happening on properties in the last 5 years. And amazingly around 23.4% of those property crimes have been due to burglaries. What’s, more striking is that there has been an estimated loss of around AU$ 15.5 billion.

You cannot ignore this bitter reflection of reality and not opt for a security system in Sydney. Theft, robbery or intrusion, can cause devastating results, both financially as well as emotionally.

Here are a few reasons as to why having a security system is paramount!


“Without Security Systems, Your Home Is Likely To Be Targeted 2.7 Times More”


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As per Australian law enforcers, if your home has no security alarm system, it is likely to be targeted 2.7 times more. Burglars who invade homes know that remaining family members are unprotected, and that makes their intention much more malicious than just looting.

There’s no telling what kind of danger, these anti-socials can inflict on your loved ones. But having a quality CCTV camera system in Sydney (or anywhere) helps prevent all this. It gives your family members an early sign giving them the scope to inform the cops and you.  


 “Break-Ins and Burglaries Cause an Average Loss of $1700 per Property”


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Statistics point out that the average loss of property per burglary is around $1700. When you are out leaving your home at the mercy of these society degenerates, your thoughts are the furthest from your possessions. You only think of it, when you are informed. These burglars break into your homes and loot your valuables, mainly the ones with more retail value.

Installing CCTV burglar systems gives you that peace of mind that you don’t have a house unprotected from such illicit actions.

Presently, you get systems which not just detect theft but also signal authorities and you that a possible robbery is about to commence. That gives you the opportunity to catch these intruders red-handed. Plus with CCTV visuals, there is also a high possibility that law enforcers will recognise the burglar’s face.


“A 10-20% Discount Is Applicable For Homes with Top-Functional Alarm Systems.”


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One key responsibility of being a homeowner is to have home insurance. They are mainly to help cover for property/possession damage and loss due to theft. It also covers events such as property loss due to natural calamity such as fire. At times these insurance companies’ discounts on the cost of insurance if the home is well protected with a functional alarm system.

Generally speaking, there is a good enough chance of getting 10-20% discount on insurance cost.

So, by summing up, having security alarms or CCTV theft monitoring systems does give that extra protection to you, your family and your property.

It’s A Must-Have, Without a Doubt!

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